An incisive exploration of the French intellectual tradition.

In this talk for the how to: Academy on How The French Think, Sudhir Hazareesingh will discuss the French intellectual tradition, exploring its long-term characteristics and evolutions over the past 400 years. Ranging from the philosophical ideas of Voltaire and Descartes, to the symbolic significance of Astérix, Sudhir Hazareesingh will show how bold, imaginative and sweeping French thought has been, tracing its tumultuous history from a confident and often brazen optimism to the current mood of increasing introspection.

Drawing on his book on How The French Think, Sudhir will explore the ideas of the most influential French thinkers; the nations central ideals of citizenship, progress and social justice; their cult of heroes and messianic instincts; the think tanks, taverns and cafés that promote cultural sociability across the land; and the current fixation with nation and collective memory.


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