In this groundbreaking new talk, Daniel Everett will challenge the conventional wisdom as to when and how did language begin and in a complete break with orthodoxy show that language didn’t originate with Homo sapiens 150,000 years ago nor that we have a ‘language instinct’ but drawing on evidence from a wide range of fields, including linguistics, archaeology, biology, anthropology and neuroscience, he will demonstrate that our ancient ancestors, Homo erectus, had the biological and mental equipment for speech one and half million years ago, and that their cultural and technological achievements (including building ocean- going boats) make it overwhelmingly likely they spoke some kind of language.

Drawing on his major new book, How Language Began, Daniel will shed new light on language and culture and what it means to be human.



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CNCFD- Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

16-17 Greek Street
London W1D 4DR

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