Join the how to: Academy for a brain-teasing evening of puzzles and problems, led by bestselling author Alex Bellos (Alex’s Adventures in Numberland). Pit your wits against logic puzzles and kinship riddles, wind your mind around pangrams and river-crossing conundrums, and challenge yourself and your friends to an evening of addictive mental gymnastics.

Taking you on a journey from ancient China to mediaeval Europe, through Edwardian England and to modern-day Japan, Bellos will put your mind to the test with the puzzling problems that have stumped spies, tickled mathematicians, and defeated rivals over thousands of years. Some solutions will rely on a touch of cunning, others call for creativity, others need mercilessly logical thought. Some can only be solved by 2% of the population. All are guaranteed to sharpen your mind.

Book now to accept Alex’s challenge, put your brain to the test, and learn how to solve the perplexing problems that will baffle everyone you know.

‘Think of the best storyteller you know and the coolest teacher you ever had, and now you’ve got some idea of what Alex Bellos is like.’ Steven Strogatz, Cornell University




Portland Hall

4 - 12 Little Titchfield Street
London W1W 7BY

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