Learn how to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be with FT journalist and Cass Business School Visiting Professor Stefan Stern.

Whether you’re a Google developer or UN peacekeeper, a university professor or recent graduate, leadership skills are no longer a luxury in the workplace for a trained and capable few – they are increasingly expected of all of us, regardless of our industry and rank. The ability to act with initiative, authority and fairness is essential if we want to manage or be part of productive, creative and contented teams.

But leading effectively is easier said than done.

Stefan Stern is the How To: Academy’s resident advisor on leadership. As a management columnist for the FT, think-tank director and lecturer at the Cass Business School, Stefan has profiled the business leaders of the present – and trained the business leaders of tomorrow. In this talk, he’ll draw on the latest research to provide you with the skills and tools to succeed as a leader.

Drawing on key lessons from leaders in business, politics and history – including Jeff Bezos, Winston Churchill and Rosa Parks – Stefan will address the critical questions every leader needs to know, whether you’re already in charge of a large team or want to pave the way for your future career: what distinguishes good leadership from bad? How do leaders use language to boost the morale and effectiveness of their team? How do men and women lead differently – and how can we get nearer to equality at work?

Don’t miss this essential guide to mastering the challenges of the modern working world.




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